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Jun 09

Plants, fish and checks

Posted on June 9, 2011 at 4:53 PM by Ryan Piros

Today Mayor Alan Arakawa visited Maui Aquaponics, LLC in Waihee.  Maui Aquaponics, LLC has been raising freshwater fish and growing certified organic produce on Maui.  The Mayor along with his wife Ann, Environmental Coordinator Rob Parsons, Energy Coordinator Doug McLeod and Ag Specialist Ken Yamamura got a guided tour of the facility. 

Here's a little background in "aquaponics":

In land-based aquaculture, fish are raised in some form of tanks, or raceways etc. In order to remove the waste that accumulates in the system, either large quantities of water are used to “flush” the system, or equipment and cost extensive filtration is used.

In Hydroponics, plants are grown in water as the growth medium instead of soil. The water must constantly have chemical fertilizers, and micronutrients added to support the plant growth. Aquaponics combines these two systems, and they support each other. As water flows through the fish tanks, it carries the fishes waste away with it, maintaining the quality of the water for the fish. It then flows into the plant growing beds, and the plants uptake the nutrients from the fish waste, and filter the water. Then it returns to the fish tanks as clean water and the process repeats itself.

Manger Chris Kiser talks about raising Tilapia to Mayor and Mrs. Arakawa, Environmental Coordinator Rob Parsons, Energy Coordinator Doug McLeod, Ag Specialist Ken Yamamura

Ed Cichon CEO of Maui Aquaponics talks about raising Tilapia in the outdoor tanks.

Ed Cichon CEO of Maui Aquaponics showing a 4 week old head of organic lettuce - the water used to grow them are recycled water from the fish farm

Kimokeo Kapahulehua showing Mrs. Arakawa organic lettuce grown at Maui Aquaponics.

Later in the afternoon Mayor Arakawa along with Managing Director Keith Regan and his wife Lynn accepted a $25,000 check donation for the "The Aloha Initiative" from First Hawaiian Bank.  Presenting the check was branch manager Brian Kakihara.


The mission of the Aloha Initiative is to provide citizens of Japan who have been displaced by the recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis with a warm and welcome home and we need your help!  The goal is to assemble a community of people who are willing to open their hearts and the home to some of the displaced in case they need out support. If you'd like to know more information about The Aloha Initiative please visit their website at

We would also like to congratulate Judge Rhonda Loo being being sworn in today at 3pm at council chambers.  Judge Loo makes history today by being the "first" female 2nd circuit court judge on Maui.  Way to go!!!

Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald swears in Judge Rhonda Loo into the 2nd Circuit Court in Council Chambers

Lastly, tomorrow is King Kamehameha Day and would like you to have a safe and fun holiday weekend. Aloha!


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