Maintenance Responsibilities by Others

  • Trees and landscape plantings in the road right-of-way are maintained by the Department of Parks and Recreation (Maui County Code Chapter 12.24A); however, with permission from the Director of Parks and Recreation or his/her designee, the abutting property owner may conduct proper pruning and spraying of street trees (Maui County Planing Plan 5.102).
  • Every property owner whose land abuts or adjoins a public street shall continually maintain, and keep clean, passable and free from weeds and noxious growths, the sidewalk or shoulder areas which abut or adjoins his property (Maui County Code Chapter 12.02), with the exception of those lots greater than 15 acres in agricultural districts.
  • Any hazardous tree or shrub planted on private property shall be trimmed by the owner of the premises on which such tree or shrub grows so that the hazard shall cease. (Maui County Code Chapter 12.24A)
  • Driveways, paved and unpaved, are the property owner's responsibility to maintain. (Maui County Code Chapter 12.08)
  • No person, firm or corporation, either directly or indirectly, shall so construct or maintain drainage ways on, over, through or across any lands owned, leased or controlled by such person as to block a drainage way on such lands or divert surface storm water in such a manner as to cause such surface storm water to flow on, into or over any public highways of the county, other than through natural channels and watercourses. No person, either directly or indirectly, shall block a drainage way on any public property without the prior approval of the department of public works of the county of Maui. (Maui County Code Chapter 12.12)
  • No person, firm or corporation owning, occupying or having or being entitled to the possession and/or occupancy of real property at and near the intersections of any public highways in the county, shall plant, maintain or permit the growth of any hedge, shrubbery, or trees or similar obstructions more than three feet in height, or construct or maintain, or permit to remain any fences over three feet above the level of the road along or adjacent to any public highways within thirty feet of the intersection of the curb or property line of such highway and of any other public highway in the county. (Maui County Code 12.20)