Workforce Development System


The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, (WIOA), was signed into law on July 22, 2014.  WIOA is legislative reform of the public workforce system that improves job and career options for job-seekers throughout our country.  WIOA supports a job-driven public workforce system that seeks to link talents in the community to local businesses.

On the State level, the Hawaii Workforce Development Council is the state-wide WIOA development entity.  The Governor appoints the Executive Director to provide oversight of each county’s system, to develop state-wide policy, and to equitably distributes the WIOA funding. 

The Maui County Workforce Development System has the following System Structure through a Memorandum of Understanding, (MOU), executed between the Mayor of Maui County; The Maui County Workforce Development Board, (MCWDB); and the American Job Center, (AJC) Partners.

The Mayor of the County of Maui has the following role in the Maui County Workforce Development System:

  • appoints the Maui County Workforce Board Members and certifies the Board of Directors every two years;
  • appoints three Staff Members to assist the MCWDB; one Executive Director (FTE 1.0), one Fiscal/Program Specialist (FTE 1.0), and one Fiscal/Admin Specialist (FTE 0.5).  
  • appoints the Office of Economic Development’s Executive Director as his representative on the MCWDB and Supervisor to the American Job Center (AJC) Manager;
  • the Mayor’s representative shall not participate in the development of the Local Area Plan, the awarding of contracts for Program Providers, or participate in the Budgets of the Maui County Workforce Development Board (MCWDB).  

The Maui County Workforce Development Board (MCWDB) has the following role in the Maui County Workforce Development System:

  • oversees the certification of the American Job Center at least once in every three (3) years and ensures standards are met or exceeded;
  • supervises the MCWDB Staff and performs yearly performance evaluations;
  • is responsible for the development of a comprehensive four (4) year local plan that aligns with the Hawaii Unified State Plan developed by the Hawaii Workforce Development Council;
  • establishes policies and procedures for the WIOA Programs to enable them to maintain compliance, performance standards that best serve participants’ needs;
  • carries out analyses of the economic conditions in Maui County to enable the best eligible training providers and career readiness providers that are chosen by program participants for their individual training services;
  • reviews and approves MCWDB Budgets and Annual Plans; approves monitoring response planning; and reviews and approves fiscal and program reporting that is prepared by the Executive Director and Fiscal/Admin Specialist;
  • oversees the maintenance and negotiations of the MOU and the AJC Partners;
  • ensures continuous improvement and achievement of the negotiated local performance indicators.

The American Job Center (One-Stop-Operator) has the following role in the Maui County Workforce Development System:

  • Mayor of Maui County appoints the American Job Center Manager and the Mayor designee performs the annual evaluation;
  • American Job Center Manager acts as the functional leader of the AJC providing management of daily operations including hours of operation and oversight of building expenses;
  • manages and coordinates AJC Partner responsibilities as defined by the MOU and ensures collection of partner financial allocations;
  • ensures that all Federal, State, County and WIOA Certification requirements are maintained and in compliance;
  • reports to the MCWDB on operations, performance and continuous improvement.

Organizational Charts