Current Planning Division

Effective April 18, 2022, the Department of Planning is accepting permit applications via MAPPS.

Learn more about the new permitting system at the MAPPS information page. Paper applications are no longer accepted.

Transition to MAPPS (Maui's Automated Planning & Permitting System)

Applications to the Current Division of the Planning Department will be more extensive in MAPPS. Information gathered for applications will need to be submitted in response to specific questions accompanied by required attachments in mainly .pdf format following instructions in MAPPS.


The Current Planning Division reviews and analyzes current planning projects including but not limited to:


Coastal Zone Management Program
The Coastal Zone Management Program (CZMP) guides the conservation and development of land and natural resources in light of competing demands for limited resources. All land and waters in the state are in the coastal zone and regulated by the State Office of Planning More information... Special Management Area
The Special Management Area (SMA) is a subset of the coastal zone in close proximity to the ocean. The planning department and/or Maui Planning Commission may place special restrictions on proposed developments within the SMA in order to protect and conserve coastal resources.

Boards and Commissions