Visitor Industry

West Maui Sunset
Photo by Maui Visitors Bureau
The Visitor Industry is Maui's leading economic sector. Unquestionably, Maui County’s success in this arena is due to an excellent multi-faceted product, supportive and devoted partners, and a willingness to commit resources vital to keeping Maui’s number one industry robust and healthy.

Maui County is unique in Hawaii. It is the only County that can boast three very different and special islands, each of which offers its own set of one-of-a-kind experiences for seasoned travelers as well as first time visitors

Maui Waterfall
Photo by Maui Visitors Bureau
The visitor industry touches every aspect of our three islands – approximately 80% of every dollar is generated directly or indirectly by the visitor industry – it is irrefutably the "economic engine" for the County of Maui. With this in mind, county leaders have long supported MVB with grants to market Maui, Molokai and Lanai.

The Maui Visitors Bureau, along with the Maui Hotel and Lodging Association and numerous properties, local businesses and other industry partners, has established a camaraderie proven to be effective and fruitful in promoting and supporting the visitor industry and the County as a whole.

Over the years, MVB has implemented the vision set forth by the Maui County Council – increased expenditures and longer stays while addressing the impacts caused by visitors. Today, Maui consistently produces some of highest room rates and occupancies in the state. Increased revenue for Maui Nui from "TAT" (hotel room tax) exceeds $20 million annually.The lion’s share of this tax is not paid by local residents, but rather by visitors who stay in Maui’s hotels and resorts. Maui County then reinvests these visitor-generated dollars into marketing Maui Nui for the benefit of all industry dependent businesses.

Just Married on Maui
Photo by Maui Visitors Bureau
While hotels, airlines, and travel companies shoulder the majority of dollars spent marketing Maui Nui, the County’s support of MVB facilitates a broader message of the destination as a whole. Together, these comprehensive efforts produce excellent results for our destination and helps Maui retain its "#1 Island in the World" status.

MVB’s comprehensive marketing efforts and programs have contributed to Maui Nui’s success and status, and are the envy of destinations worldwide. Always "first out of the gate", MVB continually sets the standard by launching campaigns to "create buzz" and capitalize on travel trends. These campaigns have included, "Maui Loves Kids" (family travel); "Maui For Life!" (health and wellness travel); "Malama Maui" (Eco, Agricultural and Cultural tourism) and, "Romance Me Maui" (weddings, honeymoons and romance).

Hana Highway in East Maui
Photo by Maui Visitors Bureau
Maui continues to capture awards from the most respected travel outlets in the world including Conde Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, TripAdvisor, Travelocity, Successful Meetings and Meetings and Conventions, just to name a few.

The Islands of Maui Nui are more than sand and surf destinations. Myriad amenities including world-class resorts, award-winning cuisine, stunning natural beauty, a plethora of activities and the islands' host Hawaiian culture have propelled Maui into the limelight.

Breaching Humpback Whale
Photo by Maui Visitors Bureau
Working with the industry, OED will assist in keeping Maui County will remain "top of mind" with its various stakeholders including travel agents, travel media and the traveling public. MVB’s marketing programs must continue to stand out in a marketplace that is increasingly more competitive and volatile than ever. OED will continue to seek additional promotional dollars from the Hawaii Tourism Authority to maximize the County’s and private sector’s funds earmarked to market our tri-island county.

Manele Bay on Lanai
Photo by Maui Visitors Bureau
In conjunction with MVB, we will encourage new events and activities that focus on our culture, heritage and history for residents and visitors alike. We will continue to feature Maui as a premier sports and film venue. Our overall goal is to enhance the visitor experience and attract repeat visitors for a different type of experience. Cultural tourism, eco-tourism, edu-tourism, and ag tourism are all viable niche markets, which will keep Maui in the forefront of the highly competitive visitor market.