Long Range Planning Section


The Long Range Division formulates long range planning activities in meeting appropriate Department goals to facilitate the development of a desirable living environment through dialogue with the community and the application of professional planning principles.

The Long Range Division also coordinates long range planning activities with other county departments, state and federal agencies to meet the Long Range goals of the department and to maintain cooperation between the various agencies.

The Long Range Division Planning Section performs the following functions:
  • Reviews revisions to county zoning ordinances and regulations
  • Reviews State land use legislation and regulations
  • Updates the County’s Cultural Resources Management Plan
The Division formulates and implements policies and procedures for the Department as it relates to the responsibilities of the Long Range Division as established by Federal, State and County statutory provisions and by appropriate County policies.
The Long Range Division seeks to:
  • React to changes implicit to socio-economic, political, environmental trends and other relevant community conditions
  • Assists other Divisions within the Department of Planning in understanding and interpreting the elements of a long range planning strategy
  • Initiates programs to implement provisions of the various long range planning elements such as community plans