The GIS section provides a variety of products and services for the entire Department, as well as providing limited assistance to other departments and the public. The GIS team develops and maintains a number of spatial databases and GIS layers. They perform spatial data analysis; and develop models, reports, and maps to summarize and illustrate a variety of information important in the planning process.

Data, reports, and maps that are available to the public are provided below. These are map products that are somewhat general in nature or specific map layers. Other map products produced may be found elsewhere on the Department of Planning web page, when they are developed for a particular purpose (e.g. General Plan 2030).

  • Publicly accessible Project Status Viewer to see permitting status of upcoming major residential and commercial developments
  • Community Plan maps include maps of Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Kahoolawe.
  • Development Project maps depict development project resources analysis in support of long range land use planning.
  • Maui Island Plan map layers illustrate the growth policy in the Maui Island Plan of the General Plan 2030.
  • Miscellaneous maps includes Historical maps.