Housing & Human Concerns

Mission & Goals

The County, through the Department of Housing and Human Concerns, supports a wide range of community needs through a combination of direct services administered by the department, grant support to non-profit service providers, and/or encouraging and facilitating collaboration and partnerships among public and private organizations.

Our mission is to support and enhance the social well-being of the citizens of Maui County.


  • To support and maintain a continuum of social services to address the needs of the people of Maui County through County sponsored programs and partnerships
  • To expand affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate income families and support the development of special needs housing

Programs & Services

Maui County Emergency Rental Assistance Program

The Maui County Emergency Rental Assistance Program is now accepting applications.  All applicants are required to submit an online pre-screening application.

To learn about the department's programs and services, visit the web pages of our Divisions and Department staffed Boards and Commissions.

DHHC Resource Guide
 We are pleased to provide the DHHC Resource Guide which lists various agencies, their services and resources available in Maui County.


Boards and Commissions 

Maui Needs Assessment

The County of Maui discharges its duty to serve the human service needs of its citizens through the Department of Housing and Human Concerns (DHHC). The DHHC is charged with addressing a wide range of needs across the islands that make up the County – Maui, Molokai, and Lanai. In order to meet those needs and to remain accountable to the people of Maui County, it is necessary to monitor the needs of the citizenry, develop and execute plans to serve community needs, and monitor the outcomes of County programs.

The needs assessment is driven by the need to have an accurate picture of the community's need for the Department's funding purposes. MEO was tasked with producing the needs assessment. MEO 2008 Final Report.