Parks & Recreation

Department Updates


The Department of Parks & Recreation operates and maintains the County's numerous parks, recreation areas and recreational service programs for the residents of Maui County. The Department also coordinates with other County departments on enforcement of rules and regulations for parks and recreation facilities and their use, and countywide beautification.


The mission of the Department of Parks and Recreation is to "Provide safe, satisfying and cost effective recreational opportunities for the residents of and visitors to Maui County".

             Department of Parks & Recreation
 (DPR) Contact Information
DPR Main Line: 270-7230
DPR War Memorial Permit Office Line: 270-7389
DPR Enforcement Section: 270-8070
DPR Maintenance Division: 270-7382
DPR Planning & Development Division: 270-7931
DPR Recreation & Support Services Division: 270-7383

Central District: 270-6139
Wailuku District: 270-7980
East District: 876-4508
Hana District: 248-7022
West District: 270-4313
Lanai District: (808) 565-6979
South District: 891-4951
Molokai District: (808) 553-3204
Aquatics: 270-6135
PALS Office: 270-7404

Divisions and Special Programs

Tri-Annual Permitting


Amendments to Title MC-10, Chapter 102 Rules of Practice and Procedure For Commercial Ocean Recreational Activity Permits