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To help the people of Maui County manage growth and preserve land in an equitable and sustainable manner that balances cultural, environmental, and economic needs. Quality service is provided by seeking efficiency and offering consistent and timely information with integrity and Aloha.


The Department of Planning offers technical advice to the Mayor, County Council and commissions; proposes zoning legislation; drafts updates to the General Plan, Maui Island Plan and Community Plans; presents reports & recommendations on development proposals; and oversees programs on cultural resources, census and geographic information, flood plain permits and other special projects and permits.

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Planning Maps

Maps and GIS land use databases can be accessed here:

General and Community Plans

Annual Reports


Current Planning Division

The Current division analyzes and reviews development proposals including environmental assessments, community plan amendments, change in zoning, project district, special management and historic district permits.

Long Range Planning Division

The Long Range Planning division prepares the General Plan, Maui Island Plan and community plans, and administers special planning and cultural resource projects. The GIS section analyzes land development data and prepares digital maps.

Plan Implementation Division

The Plan Implementation Division is responsible for General Plan monitoring and implementation; Capital Improvement Program (CIP) reporting; and the initiation, preparation, and coordination of revisions to county zoning ordinances and regulations. This Division undertakes projects and programs to implement the recommendations in the Countywide Policy Plan, Maui Island Plan and community plans, including drafting and tracking legislation.

Zoning Administration and Enforcement Division (ZAED)

The ZAED division responds to zoning questions, reviews the zoning requirements for building permit and subdivision applications and handles enforcement of the zoning codes.

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