Housing, Human Services, and Transportation

Housing, Human Services and Transportation Committee meetings are held in the Council Chamber at 1:30 pm on the Thursday prior to the first and third Friday of each month; however, the schedule is subject to change. The Committee may also periodically schedule site inspections.

Agendas, Minutes, & Other Documents:
View available agendas for the Housing, Human Services, and Transportation Committee.

Effective February 21, 2017, the following committee documents such as Items List, Committee Reports, and Minutes are available at www.mauicounty.us.  Committee meeting agendas are available on this page and at www.mauicounty.us.

    • Social services programs and related grants, including grants of interests in real property.
    • Affordable or residential workforce housing programs, excluding expedited approvals of housing projects pursuant to Chapter 201H, Hawaii Revised Statutes, or any successor statute.
    • Amendments to the Residential Workforce Housing Policy and other affordable housing ordinances. d. Homeless programs and related matters.
    • Proposals for increasing the availability or affordability of housing. f. Amendments to the Subdivision Ordinance and Building and Construction Codes.
    • Operations of the Department of Housing and Human Concerns and the Department of Transportation, including the operational oversight of any grants they administer.

Committee Staff:
Legislative Analyst, Saumala Mataafa 
Committee Secretary, Clarita Balala
Legislative Attorney, Carla Nakata

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Voting Members:
 Stacy Crivello,
 Robert Carroll
 Alika Atay
 Don S. Guzman
 Riki Hokama
 Kelly T. King
 Mike White

Non-Voting Members:
 Elle Cochran 
 Yuki Lei Sugimura
Contact Information:
Committee E-Mail
Ph: (808) 270-7838
Fax: (808) 270-7686