Subdivision Application


Any person desiring to subdivide or consolidate land shall submit plans and documents for approval.

How To Apply:

Refer to the Subdivision Processing Guidelines, complete the Subdivision Application and submit it to the Development Services Administration, Subdivision office.

Possible Review/Approval Agencies:

Processing Time:

From the date the preliminary map and supplemental materials are deemed complete and satisfactorily received, the County has 45 calendar days to issue preliminary subdivision approval. Final subdivision approval is granted upon completion of all requirements.


Subdivision application filing fee for 5 lots or less is $250 plus $50 per development lot or for 6 lots or more is $400 plus $100 per development lot.  Where subdivision improvements are required, Construction Plan review fee is $200 per lot. The filing fee check to be made payable to the "Director of Finance, County of Maui".

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