Sign and Banner (Promotional Sign) Permits


  • To regulate and control the erection, location and maintenance of signs in a manner to protect the public health, safety and morals, and to promote the public welfare while providing a method of effective advertising.
  • To preserve the quality of life in the County of Maui by retaining the natural beauty of landscape, view, and attractive surroundings of the County.

How To Apply:

Completed Sign Permit Applications and Banner (Promotional Sign) Permit Applications shall be submitted to the Department of Planning.

For Sign Permits, a fully processed Zoning & Flood Confirmation Form must be attached to the application. Begin the application process by filling in the project identification portion of the form and submitting it to the Zoning Administration and Enforcement Division at One Main Plaza Suite 335. The zoning and flood designations are confirmed and then returned to the applicant for inclusion in the Sign Permit packet.

Approving Agencies:

Department of Planning, Zoning Administration and Enforcement Division
Permit Processing Time Duration of Approval Fees
Signs 30 days  Expires within 90 days, unless properly erected $ 68.75 
Non-refundable filing fee 
Banners 30 days Permits are approved for 14 days $ 31.25 
Non-refundable filing fee
Non-profit entities shall be exempt from having to submit the non-refundable filing fee.

Applications and Notices: