Flood Development Permit


  • Regulates construction in areas subject to flood hazards.
  • For the protection of life and property.
  • For the reduction of public costs for flood control, rescue and relief efforts.
  • To promote the safety, health, convenience and general welfare of the community.
  • Imposes restrictions upon man-made changed to improved and unimproved real estate within flood hazard areas.
  • Qualifies the County of Maui for participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
  • Required to qualify for federal financial assistance for acquisition and construction purposes.
  • Required for the making, securing, extension, and renewal if loans secured by improved real estate by lending institutions regulated by the federal government.

How To Apply:

Flood Development Permits are completed by a licensed professional engineer or architect, and submitted to the Department of Planning.

Approving Agencies:

Flood Development Permits are reviewed and approved by the Department of Planning, Zoning Administration and Enforcement Division.

Processing Time:

Flood Development Permits are reviewed and approved within 30-90 days.

Duration of Approval:

Flood Development Permits are approved for the described work and have no expiration date, unless the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps have been revised.


See Table B - Fee Schedule

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