Aerial Fireworks Use & Purchase Permit

A permit is required to set off, ignite, or discharge aerial devices, display fireworks, or articles pyrotechnic for a display.

How to Apply:
Obtain and submit completed Permit to Use Fireworks from the county not less than twenty (20) days before the date of the display. No Permit shall be issued unless the applicant presents:

  • Insurance Certificate.
  • Display firing site map showing dimensions to the public, safety zone, etc. State of Hawaii Certificate of Fitness of record to sign this site plan.
  • Display overview and specifics along with detailed inventory, security and safety plan.
  • Pyrotechnics' license (Certificate of Fitness in the State of Hawaii).
  • Authorization Letter from land owner.
  • Intent to Transport.
  • Public Notice - Maui News (if applicable).
  • Proper licenses to Import, Wholesale, Store, etc. explosives in the State of Hawaii if applicable.
  • Authorization letter from FAA.
  • Authorization from DLNR and US Coast Guard if applicable.

The Permit's fee is $110.00 per application along with $200.00 inspection fee per show. The fees are payable to the County of Maui either by check or money order.

Approving Agency:
The Maui Fire Prevention Bureau is authorized to process the Aerial Fireworks Use & Purchase Permit.

Processing Time:
The permit is processed within two (2) business days after all the requirements are met.

Post-Display Requirement:
Once Aerial Fireworks display has been set off, ignited, or discharged, a Post-Display Report must be completed and signed by the operator, then mailed or faxed to Fire Prevention Bureau with five (5) calendar days after completion of display.

Contact Information:
Department of Fire and Public Safety
Fire Prevention Bureau
313 Manea Place
Wailuku, HI 96793
Ph: (808) 244-9161
Fax: (808) 244-1363