Construction Permits & Applications

Building Permit Section

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Building Permit (B, HB,) A building permit is required for the construction, alteration, moving, demolition, repair, and use of any building or structure within the county.
Certificate of Occupancy (CO) A Certificate of Occupancy is required for buildings and structures that meet the definition indicated in the Maui County Code, Title 16.26.109.
Hale Building Permit (HALE)

Emergency Reconstruction of Dwellings and Accessory Structures
•  Emergency Permit Procedure
•  Application/Forms for Emergency Building Permit
• Hurricane Lane
Hurricane Lane Proclamation 
  Hurricane Lane Supplemental Proclamation

Civil Construction and Inspection Section

Driveway Permit (D, DMOL) A Driveway permit is required to construct, reconstruct, remove or repair any driveway on a County roadway.
Grading & Grubbing Permit (G, GRUB)
A Grading Permit is required for excavation of fill, or for the temporary storage of soil, sand, gravel, rock, or any similar material. A Grubbing Permit is required for any act by which vegetation, including trees, timber, shrubbery and plants, is uprooted and removed from the surface of the ground. Certain exemptions may apply.
Moving Permit A Moving Permit is required for vehicles traveling on public roads whose dimensions or weights, including loads, or both exceed the limits set by state statutes.

Storm Water Treatment Best Management Practices

Work Upon County Highway Permit (WTP) A permit to perform work on County highways is required when a County roadway will be dug up, undermined, broken up, or disturbed in any way.

Electrical Permit and Inspection Section

Electrical Permit (E, HE) Electrical Permits are required for new Electrical installations to allow the County to regulate the qualifications of installers, check the proposed plans and to inspect the electrical installations to ensure they are done safely and in compliance with National and local codes. These requirements help to reduce the hazards to persons and property from faulty electrical work.

Maui Fire Prevention Bureau

Fire Protection Permit (FPP) A Fire Protection Permit is required to install fire sprinklers, water mains for fire protection, fire hydrants, and fire alarms.
Flammable Finish Facility Permit (FAFF)
A Flammable Finish Facility Permit is required to install fire sprinklers, water mains for fire protection, fire hydrants, and fire alarms.
Temporary Structure Permit(FTMP) The purpose of this Temporary Structure Permit is to approve any temporary structure larger than 700 square feet in size.

Plumbing Permit and Inspection Section

Plumbing/Gas Permit (P, HP, GAS) The purpose of obtaining a plumbing permit is to provide minimum requirements and standards for the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare.

Subdivision Section

Subdivision Application (SUBD, SUB2, SUB3, SUB4) Any person desiring to subdivide or consolidate land shall submit plans and documents for approval.