Office Of Economic Development


The OED works in partnership with the community, business and government sectors to:
  • Strengthen and diversify the economy by supporting existing businesses
  • Assisting in the attraction, development and expansion of new businesses and events that will in turn provide new jobs for our community.

2019 Mayors Small Business Awards Nomination Forms Now Available

It's that time of the year, “Honor the excellence of our small businesses doing business on Maui, Moloka’i and Lana’i by nominating a company or individual.
DEADLINE for completed nominations forms: Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 by NOON (12:00pm)
Submit your nomination forms by dropping it off at the
Maui Chamber of Commerce Office
95 Mahalani St #22a
Wailuku, HI 96793 
or email it to: Events Manager .  Any questions or concerns, please contact the Maui Chamber of Commerce at 808-244-0081.
Good luck to all of the nominees!

FY 2020 Grant Forms

OED provides grants for programs, projects, and events for a wide range of activities within the County of Maui. The new FY 2020 OED grant application, a newly revised Grants Handbook, Letter of Inquiry instructions, and all grant forms are now available. 
Our forms have been revised, please read the Handbook carefully for instructions.

10-Year Strategic Tourism Plan for Maui County

Kula Agricultural Park Expansion Poll

The County of Maui recently received a $5 million dollar appropriation from the State of Hawaii, with a $1 million match from the County of Maui to expand the Kula Ag Park onto former HC&S sugar land. All types of farmers, both professional and new, are eligible for the expansion, including but not limited to: conventional, biotech, organic, hydroponic, greenhouse and livestock operations.

A poll is being conducted to determine what expectations on lot size, farming method, crop type, and water usage potential farmers would be proposing.

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is an in-depth analysis of the economic challenges and opportunities for Maui County. Usually conducted every 5 years, the purpose of the CEDS is to create a locally-based strategy for economic development and create an environment for economic prosperity and resilience. The Economic Development Administration (EDA) and other Federal funding for projects, as well as some State and County funding, is informed by the CEDS and uses it as a criterion for decision making. The Maui County CEDS was coordinated by the Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB), with funding provided by the Maui County Mayor’s Office of Economic Development. A Strategy Committee was formed to develop, guide, and review the CEDS process, composed of representatives from major stakeholders in the community, including local government, business, industry, finance, agriculture, organized labor, utilities, education, community organizations, public health agencies, minorities and women. 
A PDF version of the CEDS can be viewed and downloaded at the link below.

Energy Options Analysis Study

In May of 2015, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development issued an RFP for an options analysis of the alternate forms of ownership and the alternative utility business models for Maui County's electric utility company. After evaluations and screenings, C.H. Guernsey & Company was chosen to do a high-level, big-picture study for the County of Maui on what path we might pursue in this period of a changing electric utility environment. The contract to Guernsey was for $71,000. The final report can be viewed at the link below.

Made in Maui County Festival

                     Made in Maui Festival Stamp
For more information on the Made in Maui County Festival please visit our website at:

The 2016 Festival report is now available. To view, please click the following link:

Four Year Report

For more information regarding the Office of Economic Development's projects and accomplishments over the past four years, please click the following link:
Made in Maui County Festival Website Made in Maui County Festival Website China Visitor Event Flyer