Aquaculture & Marine Sciences

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With the support from the Office of Economic Development there is an Aquaculture Specialist based on Maui who provides technical assistance and extension capabilities to the residents, educational institutions and non-profit organizations through out Maui County.

Research Projects

In addition to this technical assistance the aquaculture specialist is involved in a variety of research projects in an effort to diversify the number of aquatic species cultivated and marketed to the public. These projects include:
  • The development of a bivalve industry that may make available fresh Hawaiian oysters soon.
  • The culture of a unique cross-over species, pacu. This fish can be marketed as both an aquarium fish and a food fish.


Aquaponics is another aquaculture production technology that is becoming increasingly popular. Aquaponics is the combination of fish culture and hydroponic plant production. Aquaponics can be used for small hobbyist systems, backyard applications or large commercial operations; Aquaponics is also an ideal educational tool as a multitude of subject matters can be taught to a broad range of age groups.
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