Fire Protection Permit

A Fire Protection Permit is required to install fire sprinklers, water mains for fire protection, fire hydrants, and fire alarms.

How To Apply:
Complete the Fire Protection Permit application and submit it to the Department of Fire and Public Safety, Fire Prevention Bureau.

Approving Agencies:
The Maui Fire Prevention Bureau is authorized to approved these permits.

Processing Time:
The processing time is dependent on passed site inspection. Allow at least 48 hours.

Duration of Approval:
Dependent on site inspection results.

No fees at this time.

Related Applications and Forms:

NFPA 24 - Underground piping
NFPA 13 - Fire Sprinklers
NFPA 72 - Fire Alarms

Contact Information:
Department of Fire and Public Safety
Fire Prevention Bureau
313 Manea Place
Wailuku, Maui, HI 96793
Ph: (808) 244-9161