Culture & Arts

Culture and Arts Programs
Enhancing the quality of life for both our residents and visitors continues to be an overall goal for the Office. Grants from OED foster the appreciation and understanding of our unique cultures and showcase the talents of our residents.

OED works with numerous community organizations throughout the County to:
  • Enhance a visitor's experience through cultural understanding
  • Ensure our residents' access to educational and culturally enriching programs
  • Perpetuate the our unique cultural diversity

Cultural Tourism
Cultural tourism continues to increase in importance as a market segment as will interpreting and preserving significant cultural sites. Maui is fortunate to have a wealth of outstanding cultural sites and venues.

Organizations, events, and activities which have received OED support include:

Support for Culture and the Arts
Support for culture and the arts contributes to Maui's economic health and to the enrichment of our quality of life. According to a 1997 study commissioned by the Hawai`i Museums Association, cultural attractions in Hawai`i received $46.2 million in out-of-state funds, created $101.4 million in output to our State economy, provided $43 million in local household income, and created 1,542 jobs.