Fire Prevention Bureau

The Fire Prevention Bureau works to abate fire and life-safety hazards before they can cause injury and property damage.

Code Enforcement
The Code Enforcement section focuses on the enforcement of fire codes and regulations. They perform inspections, investigate complaints, answer questions from the public, and assist with other tasks as needed.

Fire Education
The Fire Education section is responsible for developing and implementing programs that will increase the public's awareness of fire safety. This includes an annual fire safety program for Maui County schools, which has proven to be worthwhile in several instances where children used what they learned and saved lives.
The Smoke Alarm Maui program (SAM) is an ongoing program that promotes fire safety by providing and installing smoke alarms free of charge in the homes of qualifying applicants.

Fire Investigation
The Fire Investigation section is responsible for determining the causes of fires. They also prepare investigative reports and give testimony in court regarding investigative procedures and findings.

Plans Reviewing
The Plans Reviewing section reviews building plans during the permit process and conducts preliminary site assessments to ensure that fire safety standards are being met prior to construction. This section also reviews permit applications for exhibitions, carnivals, and other similar types of public assemblies.

The Fire Prevention Bureau responsible for issuing a variety of special permits, including: