Emergency Shelters

Important Information!

Emergency shelters are established and operated by the American Red Cross. Maui Emergency Management Agency does not manage emergency shelters. Our goal is to assist the American Red Cross by ensuring access to facilities that have been identified as shelter locations.

As of 09/13/2018, no shelters are open.

Please be reminded that smoking and drinking are not allowed at shelters or in parking lots. Please also be reminded that pets entering a pet friendly shelter must be in a pet carrier or cage for safety. Owners must provide water and food for their pets and will be expected to assist in the care of their pet.

Although our evacuation shelters provide some protection from flying debris and strong winds, they should be a last resort option for residents and visitors without safer options to use at their own risk. In almost all cases, the identified shelters have not been retrofitted for winds greater than a tropical storm. Nevertheless, these shelters are a safer option than remaining in areas prone to flooding or storm surge inundation, on exposed ridge lines or in older homes with wood frames or single wall construction. Whenever possible, people should plan to shelter in place or with family or friends in homes outside of hazard areas that were designed, built, or renovated to withstand anticipated conditions.

Evacuees should bring whatever they need (food, water, and other emergency supplies) to make themselves comfortable at shelters, and should not expect personal care attendants or caregivers to be available at evacuation shelters.

Other Important Considerations

The public is urged to adhere to all posted rules and guidelines.
  • Bring an emergency kit with you to the shelter, including: food, any non-perishable special dietary needs, prescription medications, water, pillows and bedding, flashlights, extra clothing and eyeglasses, personal hygiene items, activities for children, and other items you may need.
  • When you arrive, check in with shelter management staff.
  • Special health needs individuals should be accompanied by a caregiver. Shelter personnel will not be able to adequately attend to these patients.
  • Pet owners should try to accommodate pets with friends or at boarding locations if their own home is unsafe for their pet.
  • Pets will be allowed at designated shelters in pet carriers only.
  • Pets may remain in a vehicle at non-pet shelters; vehicle windows should be left slightly open for ventilation. If a pet is displaced, call the Maui Humane Society at 877-3680 for assistance after storm conditions subside.