Department Rules

Tobacco-Free Beaches and Parks Rules

  • Rules related to the ban on tobacco use and tobacco products in County beaches, parks and recreational facilities. M.C.C. 13.04.020
  • List of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pertaining to tobacco-free beaches and parks in Maui County.

Permit Administration Rules

  • Rules relating to the Administration of Parks and Recreational Facilities and Permits for the Use of Parks and Recreational Facilities, MCC 13.04A  

Dog Park Rules

  • Rules that regulate dog parks to ensure safe and satisfying recreational opportunities for Maui County residents, visitors and their dogs. MCC 10-105.

Tennis Court Rules

  • Rules related to tennis courts on Maui County Parks property, MCC 10.02.2.

Waiehu Golf Course Rules

CORA Rules of Practice and Procedure

  • Rules and procedures related to Commercial Ocean Recreational Activity (CORA) permits, MCC 10.102

Concessions Rules

  • Rules for Practice and Procedure for the Operation of Concessions in Parks and Recreation Facilities MC 10-107

Ukumehame Firing Range Rules

  • Rules for the Use and Operation of the Maui Firing Range, Ukumehame, Maui, Hawaii MC 10-108