Out of State Permit

An Out-of-State Vehicle Permit allows a vehicle to be operated within Maui County until the Out-of-State Registration expires or for a maximum of one year from date of arrival. Remember, the vehicle’s registration must be valid at time of the vehicle’s arrival into Maui County.

You will be required to obtain a County of Maui Certificate of Registration when your Out-of-State vehicle permit expires. If you are planning on operating your vehicle within the County of Maui after the expiration of your Out-of-State vehicle permit, notify our Customer Service Representative. The Customer Service Representative will explain the option and benefit of obtaining a County of Maui Certificate of Registration instead of an Out-of-State vehicle permit.

To obtain an Out-of-State Vehicle Permit:

  1. Contact your insurance carrier for a Hawaii Motor Vehicle Insurance Identification card
  2. Upon your vehicle’s arrival, obtain a State of Hawaii Safety Inspection Certificate by taking your vehicle, along with your Hawaii Motor Vehicle Insurance Identification card and your Out-of-State Registration to an Official Safety Inspection Station. A failed Certificate of Inspection will be issued to you. All defects except “Registration” must be corrected
  3. Obtain your Out-of-State Vehicle Permit by presenting the following to any County of Maui Motor Vehicle & Licensing office within thirty (30) days of your vehicle’s arrival:
    • The vehicle’s failed Safety Inspection Certificate
    • The vehicle’s current Out-of-State Certificate of Registration
    • The Bill of Lading or shipping receipt that shows the arrival date of the vehicle
    • An Application for Out-of-State Vehicle Permit form (available at our office) that is signed by the registered owner(s). If there is more than one owner, all owners must sign the application
    • Payment of $50.00 Out-of-State permit fee
  4. You may then take your vehicle back to your safety inspection station to obtain your vehicle’s Safety Inspection Certificate. Please present your Out-of-State Vehicle Permit and temporary safety inspection certificate. Your safety inspection station will affix the safety decals on the vehicle