Class A, B, C Permits

Hawaii Commercial Driver Licenses (CDL’s) are processed at our Kahului Service Center, Molokai Satellite Office or our Lanai Satellite Office. To apply for an A, B or C Instruction Permit, the applicant must present original or certified copies from our Hawaii Acceptable Documents Checklist to prove the following:

  1. Proof of Legal Name - If your current name is different from the name shown on any document (examples: due to marriage, divorce, adoption, name change, naturalization certificate), you are required to provide "connecting documents" to establish the link between the names.
  2. Provide proof of Legal Presence
  3. Provide proof of Principal Residence
  4. Complete a Commercial Driver’s License application that is available at any of our Motor Vehicle & Licensing Offices
  5. Be 21 Years of Age or Older
  6. Possess a Valid Class 3 Hawaii Driver’s License
  7. Submit a completed Medical Examiner’s Certificate
  8. Pass required knowledge tests, please refer to the Commercial Driver License Manual.
  9. Pass the required vision test
  10. Submit one 2" inch by 3" inch color photo (front facial only)
  11. Submit a clearance letter from the Traffic Violations Bureau if the applicant has any outstanding citations. The Traffic Violations Bureau is located at 2145 Main Street in Wailuku. Telephone: (808)-244-2800
  12. Submit proof of Hawaii Residency
  13. Payment of the appropriate fees. Refer to the Maui County Fee Chart.