Class 3 Road Test Vehicle Requirements

The applicant is required to provide the vehicle that is to be used for the road test and meet the following requirements:

  1. The vehicle must meet all Safety Standards. Provide a current and valid safety inspection certificate
  2. Provide an original current Certificate of Motor Vehicle Registration
  3. Provide an original valid Hawaii Insurance Identification Card
  4. Both the information on the Certificate of Motor Vehicle Registration and the Hawaii Insurance Identification Card must match and include the following information:
    • Name of Registered Owner
    • Make and Serial Number (Vehicle Identification Number – VIN) of the vehicle
    • Names of the Insured and Insurer, Policy Number and Effective Dates of Coverage. If there are two registered owners, the insurance card must show at least one of the names. If the vehicle is leased, the insurance card may be in the name of either the leasing company or the lessee. However, if the insurance card shows the name of the lessee, you must provide proof of the lease agreement
  5. Rental vehicles are permitted. However, the driver with the learner’s permit must be listed on the rental agreement as an authorized driver and have the original Certificate of Registration, valid safety inspection certificate and a Hawaii insurance identification card from the Rental Company.

    If the applicant possesses a foreign driver’s license and it is not in English, a passport and an international driver’s permit is required.

The Examiner of Drivers may reject any vehicle which is deemed unsanitary or unsafe. We have compiled a checklist to help you pre-check your vehicle for the road test. Please pre-check your vehicle to ensure that it is ready for the road test.

Road test may be cancelled by the Examiner of Drivers due to inclement weather or unforeseen emergencies, as deemed necessary without notice to the general public. If the event your scheduled appointment is cancelled your pre-payment will be applied to your next road test appointment. However, you must call again to reschedule your appointment.