Out of State Registration

The following lists the requirements to switch your out-of-state registration and license plates to a County of Maui registration and Hawaii license plates:

  1. Complete and sign an appropriate Application for Registration Form. If the vehicle is registered in more than one name, all owners must sign this form
  2. Submit the last issued out of state Certificate of Registration
  3. If no lien holder is indicated, submit the out of state Certificate of Title. If a lien holder is indicated, the registered owner must complete a conditional letter of acceptance
  4. Submit a bill of lading or shipping receipt which shows the date the vehicle arrived on Maui
  5. Upon your vehicle’s arrival, obtain a State of Hawaii Safety Inspection Certificate by taking your vehicle, along with your Hawaii Motor Vehicle Insurance Identification card and your Out-of-State Registration to an Official Safety Inspection Station. A temporary Certificate of Inspection will be issued to you. All defects except “Registration” must be corrected
  6. The owner of every motor vehicle of the current, previous, and subsequent year model bought out-of-state, subsequently brought into the State, is required to submit a G-27 form with the required attachments. This form is provided by the State of Hawaii Department of Taxation located at: 54 South High Street #208, Wailuku, HI 96793. Telephone: (808)-984-8500. You may also visit their website for further information
  7. If we do not have the weight of the vehicle as established by the manufacturer, you may be required to have the vehicle weighed at a state certified scale
  8. The required fees will be determined by our Customer Service Representative at the time of registration