Ownership Transfer - Seller

The seller must complete the following:
  1. The registered owner(s) must sign off in Section “A” on the front of the Certificate of Title
  2. Fill-in the odometer reading for vehicles manufactured from 2011 and after
  3. If a lien holder is indicated, the lien holder must complete Section “B” on the reverse side of the Certificate of Title
  4. Detach and complete the Notice of Transfer form that is located at the top of the Certificate of Title. Mail it within ten (10) days to the County Motor Vehicle & Licensing Office where the vehicle was last registered. If the form has been previously detached from the Certificate of Title, you may complete and submit the following Notice of Transfer Form
  5. Provide the new owner with the endorsed Certificate of Title, the last issued Certificate of Registration and State of Hawaii Safety Inspection Certificate

If the vehicle is registered in the name of a business, a Letter of Authorization must be on file. A Letter of Authorization (LOA) must be submitted by a company to the County of Maui Division of Motor Vehicles & Licensing in order to process specified motor vehicle transactions. The person(s) named on the LOA are the authorized signatories of the company who are authorized to complete specified motor vehicle transactions on behalf of the company. The Letter of Authorization Guidelines is available at our offices.