Permanently Junking a Vehicle

You may permanently junk a vehicle which you no longer want regardless of whether or not the registration is current or expired. When you permanently junk your vehicle, you are declaring that the vehicle will never be registered again. Remember, you are responsible for the proper disposal of the junked vehicle in accordance with State of Hawaii Laws.

To permanently junk your vehicle, you must:
  1. Complete the Statement for Junking Form
  2. Fill-out the appropriate spaces of the last issued Certificate of Title:
    • Fill-in the odometer reading in the spaces provided
    • The registered owners must complete section “A” on the front of the title
    • The lien holder must complete section “B” of the reverse side of the title
  3. Submit the completed Statement for Junking Form, properly endorsed Certificate of Title, the last issued Certificate of Registration and the vehicle license plates to the Motor Vehicle & Licensing office nearest you

Important Notice: If there is a possibility that you may want to register it again in the future, do not permanently junk your vehicle. Instead you should consider placing your vehicle in official "storage" status just in case you want to register your vehicle again in the future.