Maui whale imageThe County of Maui offers a generous benefit package, including the following:

Eligible employees earn up to 21 days of vacation per year, with a maximum year-to-year carry over of 90 days. Eligibility to accrue vacation begins with the first work day.

Sick Leave
Eligible employees accumulate up to 21 days of sick leave per year. Eligibility to accrue sick leave begins with the first work day, and there is no limitation on the amount of sick leave that may be accumulated.

Retirement Plan
Eligible employees are required to join the Employee Retirement System. This is a defined-benefit retirement plan, with a required contribution of 8% of salary.

Health Benefit Plans
The County of Maui offers the following health benefit plans for eligible employees:
  • Medical Plan (HMO or PPO)
  • Vision Plan
  • Dental Plan
  • Prescription Drug Plan
These benefits are administered by the Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund, and contributions are payroll deducted.

Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance is provided at no cost to eligible employees.


The County observes 13 holidays per year (14 in an election year).

Deferred Compensation Plan

Eligible employees may participate in the Island Savings Plan (a deferred compensation plan as provided under Section 457 of the Internal Revenue Code.) This is a supplemental retirement savings plan that allows for the investment of tax-deferred contributions into a variety of investment options

Flex Spending Plan
Eligible employees can also participate in the County's Flexible Spending plan, a way to set aside a portion of pay, before taxes, to pay for qualifying dependent care or medical expenses.

Employee Assistance Program
The County also offers a voluntary assistance program which provides its employees and their family members with free professional and confidential assistance in overcoming personal and work related problems.

The County provides its employees with a variety of up-to-date training opportunities (i.e., computer application, professional seminars, heavy equipment operation, administrative & clerical skills, personal safety, etc.) to help them increase their knowledge, gain new skills, and to be more satisfied and effective in their jobs.

Leave Sharing
The County's leave sharing program allows employees to donate accumulated vacation leave credits to a qualified fellow employee who has a serious personal illness or injury.

Loan Forgiveness
As a public service employee, you may qualify for forgiveness of the remaining balance due on your Federal Direct Loan Program loans.
Federal Student Aid Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Note: Specific benefits and their associated premiums are subject to collective bargaining, and are subject to change.