About Us

Mission Statement

Ensure public health, environment, and safety by providing the divisions with administrative support and policy guidance to continue effective, efficient, and compliant operations.

Powers, Duties and Functions

Chapter 15 (amended 2006) of the County Charter authorizes the Director of Environmental Management to:
  1. Supervise waste management and control of pollution, including recycling, litter control, and protection of the unique beauty of Maui County.
  2. Plan, design, build, operate, and maintain solid waste collection, processing and disposal systems, including recycling programs.
  3. Plan, design, build, operate, and maintain the county's sewer treatment plants, pump stations, sewer lines, reclaimed water distribution systems, and related programs.
  4. Perform such other duties and functions as shall be assigned by the Mayor.

Program Description

Environmental Management directs and oversees three operating divisions in the Department of Environmental Management:

Special Committees

Annual Reports