Civil Service Commission


The Civil Service Commission:
  • Adopts rules to carry out the provisions of the Civil Service laws of the State
  • Appoints County Personnel Director
  • Requests an annual appropriation for the operation of the department
  • Hears appeals by any officer or employee aggrieved by any action taken by the Director of Personnel Services or by an appointing authority (department head)
  • Advises the Mayor and Director of Personnel Services on problems concerning personnel administration
  • Annually review and evaluate the performance of the Director of Personnel Services and submit a report to the Mayor and the Council

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  • Arnold Wunder - Chair (Pukalani) 3/31/2024
  •  Megan Moniz - Vice-Chair (Wailuku) 3/31/2026
  • Alton Watanabe (Wailuku) 3/31/2023
  • Wallace Tom (Wailuku) 3/31/2025
  • Sharon Suzuki (Wailuku) 3/31/2027
All members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the County Council.

Additional Information

Contact Information

Supporting Department: Department of Personnel Services
Phone: (808) 270-7850
Secondary Contact, Office of the Mayor: (808) 270-7855