Commission on Persons With Disabilities


The Commission on Persons with Disabilities assists the County in rendering services to persons with disabilities by performing the following duties:

  • Reviews County policies and practices to determine their impact on persons with disabilities
  • Recommends use of monies received from federal and state governments designated for programs and improved accessibility for persons with disabilities
  • Recommends changes to policies and practices that do not meet the requirements of federal, state, or county law
  • Reviews County program and facility access to determine their impact on persons with disabilities and recommends changes and additions to ensure full availability of services to persons with disabilities
  • Promotes housing, employment, transportation and other activities which address the needs of persons with disabilities
  • Educates providers of community services and other members of the community concerning non-discriminatory practices and laws regarding persons with disabilities


To make recommendations to the Mayor, the Council & county officials for policies, programs & systemic changes that maximize independence & community integration for Maui County residents with disabilities & promote compliance with the American Disabilities Act.


Promote and enhance equality of life for Maui County residents with disabilities through advocacy & education by working with our community, elected & other county officials who have the ability to make change.

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  • Evalina "Nani" Watanabe (Wailuku) 3/31/2024
  • Rainey Dock Matthews (Wailuku) 3/31/2024
  • Beverly Stanich (Wailuku) 3/31/2025
  • Andrea Rodgers (Paia) 3/31/2025
  • Susan Lussier (Kahului) 3/31/2026
  • Sarah M. Collins (Kihei) 3/31/2026
  • Mahina Hanneman-Gago (Makawao) 3/31/2027
  • Melissa Johnson (Makawao) 3/31/2027
  • David Tallant III (Wailuku) 3/31/2027

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