Request for Service

The Maui County Request For Service (RFS) is an online one-stop information and assistance program that can help answer your County related questions and help address issues with County Services.

Check Status on Existing Request For Service
Request For Service strives to increase people's confidence in County government and meet your needs by:
  • Serving as an information resource center for County maintained records.
  • Serving as a central point of contact to request County services.
  • Providing the Mayor and department directors an accurate and timely feedback mechanism for identifying potential problems and areas of citizen concerns.
By submitting an RFS, you become directly involved with the operations of Maui County. To insure that your RFS is handled in an efficient and timely manner, please fill in the request form completely and concisely.

Keep your problem descriptions specific and focused. Once received by Maui County, your RFS will be assigned a tracking number and you will be contacted with its status.