Fire Education

Public Education & Training Services

The Fire Education section is responsible for developing and implementing programs that will increase the public's awareness of fire safety. This includes an annual fire safety program for Maui County schools, which has proven to be worthwhile in several instances where children used what they learned and saved lives.

For more fire safety information, messages, and links to other fire safety sites visit our Fire Safety Information & Messages page. All Classes must be requested at least two weeks in advance. The Fire Prevention staff will contact you to confirm availability.

 Maui County Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Program

Requesting Public Education & Training Services
To request appearances and services from the Maui County Fire Department, please fill out the Maui Fire event request form below.
Station Tours
Station tours are available for groups of all ages. The tour familiarizes groups with the Maui County Fire Bureau services with a walk through of the station as well as the equipment and skills of its firefighters. Average time: 45min-1hr
To request a fire station visit/tour for groups, please fill out the request form below.
School Visits
Personnel and fire trucks are available to visit schools, day care and other organizations. Visit includes a short fire safety program. Average time: 45min-1hr
Fire Safety House
The safety house is a 40 ft. mobile unit designed to educate all ages in home safety mainly within the kitchen, living room and bedroom areas. It features smoke detectors, smoke detectors for the hearing impaired, stove, microwave, escape ladders, heated door and smoke machine. A live fire sprinkler unit is also demonstrated. The average time for groups of 20 is: 45min-1hr.
Fire Extinguisher Training
Includes classroom training (handouts) and/or hands on demonstrations (live fire) on how to effectively use a portable fire extinguisher to put out a fire. Average time for class and hands on: 30-45min.
  • Note: Use of refillable water extinguishers will affect time required depending on class size.
Workplace Fire Safety
Informs employers and employees of large and small businesses about fire safety in the workplace (handouts). Average time: 20-30min.
General Home Fire Safety (Community Groups)
Informs families about general home fire safety. Smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, fire hazards, escape plans, etc. (handouts). Average time: 30min.
  • Note: These presentations are offered to groups, not individual families. Contact your homeowners or Condo association, local civic organization or church to arrange a demonstration.
Fire Safety for Senior Citizens
Designed to teach older adults living at home on how to protect themselves from fire hazards (handouts). Average time: 30min.