Legislation - Adopted

Recently Adopted Legislation of Note

 Bill  Amending Development Standards in the B-2, B-3, P-1 and P-2 Districts
 Bill  Amending Section 19.40.080 to Amend Conditions, Amendments, and Modifications of Conditional Permits
 Bill  Amending Section 2.80B.070 to Adopt the Updated West Maui Community Plan
 Bill  Establishing Chapter 19.98, Declaring a Moratorium on New Transient Accommodations on Maui
 Bill  Establishing Zoning for the Wailuku Redevelopment Area
 Establishing a Digital Zoning Map for Molokai
Bill  Amending Chapters 19.64 Bed & Breakfast and 19.65 Short-Term Rental Home Permit Standards
 Bill  Amending Chapter 19.12, Relating to Apartment District Vacation Rental Registration Numbers
Bill  Amending Chapter 19.28, Relating to Permitted Uses and Use Restriction in the Airport District
 Bill  Amending Chapter 19.52, Relating to Historic Districts 1 & 2 in Lahaina
Bill  Amending Section 2.80B to add "Mitigate Climate Change and Work Toward Resilience" as a Goal of the Countywide Policy Plan
 Bill  Amending Chapter 19.64, Relating to Bed & Breakfast Home Permits on Lanai
 Amending Chapter 19.65, Relating to Short-Term Rental Home Permits on Lanai
 Amending Section 19.65.030, Relating to Short-Term Rental Home Permit Caps
 Bill  Amending Chapters 19.04, 19.30A, and 19.40 Relating to Zipline, Canopy, Rappelling, and Bungee Jumping Activities in the Agricultural District
 Amending Chapter 19.60.030 Relating to Hotel Use and Development Standards in the Napili Bay Civic Improvement District (Lahaina)
 Amending Chapters 19.64 and 19.69 Relating to Urban Reserve District
 Amending Chapter 19.35 Relating to Accessory Dwellings and Fire Apparatus Access Roads
 Bill  Amending Chapters 19.12, 19.24, 19.36, 19.37 Relating to Transient Vacation Rentals in the Apartment and Industrial Districts and Dwelling Units in the Industrial Districts
 Bill  Relating to a Moratorium on the Issuance of Transient Accommodation Permits on Lanai for Up to One Year
 Bill  Establishing a Digital Zoning Map for Lanai
 Amending Section 19.510.010 Relating to Unresolved Land Use Violations
 Bill  Relating to Renewals for Bed & Breakfast Home and Short-Term Rental Home Permits
 Adopting Digital Zoning Map (2) as the Official Zoning Map for the Island of Maui
 Amending Section 19.530.030 Relating to Civil Fines for Unpermitted Transient Accommodations Etc
 Relating to Short-Term Rental Homes in the Pa`ia - Ha`iku Community Plan Area
 Bill  Amending the Pa`ia - Ha`iku Community Plan Relating to Visitor Accommodations

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