How to File a Formal Complaint

The Maui County Board of Ethics is made up of volunteer Maui residents. These volunteer members are charged with administering the Code of Ethics, Article 10 of the Revised Charter of the County of Maui (2003) as amended. The Maui County Board of Ethics adheres to the Policy of the Code of Ethics which states:

"Elected and appointed officers and employees shall demonstrate by their example the highest standards of ethical conduct to the end that the public may justifiably have trust and confidence in the integrity of government". (Section 10-1)

Complaint Requirements for Processing

In order to review all complaints thoroughly, the Maui County Board of Ethics requires that certain procedures be followed for processing:

  1. All written complaints must be submitted on an approved Maui County Board of Ethics complaint form, either electronically or physically (paper) form.
  2. All complaints must be legible.
  3. All written complaints shall set forth a concise statement of the facts constituting the alleged violation, the name and position of the alleged violator, and shall either be sworn to under oath or accompanied by an affidavit subscribed to by the complainant.
  4. The alleged violation must reference the pertinent section of the Code of Ethics, Article 10 of the Revised Charter of the County of Maui (1983) as amended, Section 10-4. Prohibitions. Reference the Charter of the County of Maui and see pgs. 48-51.
  5. To submit a complaint, there are two options for doing so; either electronically or via a physical (paper) form.  Complainant is to complete all required fields on the form and include exhibits or supporting documents if applicable.

Formal Complaint Form: E-file/Online or PDF download

E-File / Online FC Form

BOE Formal Complaint Efile2

Download FC Form - pdf

BOE Formal Complaint PDF download

Need Help or Additional Info?

If you need further assistance or information, please visit the Board of Ethics webpage, email us at Board of Ethics or call Board staff at (808) 270-7742 (7:45 to 4:30 p.m. M-F).