Finance Director's Quarterly Report


Finance Director's Quarterly ReportIn compliance with the Maui County Code 3.08 and the Charter of the County of Maui, Section 8-4.3, the County Finance Director submits through the Mayor to the Council a statement of the revenues and expenditures for the preceding quarter and for the fiscal year up to and including the preceding quarter.

Such statement shall be sufficiently detailed as to appropriations, allotments and funds to show the exact financial condition of the county and of each of its agencies and executive departments.

A copy of the statement shall be filed with the County Clerk and shall be a public record.

The Director's report contains County information regarding:

  • Revenues
  • Department Program Budgets
  • Budget Implementation Report
  • Expenditures
  • Capital Improvement Program by District
  • Appendix

Quarterly Reports - FY2014 to present