Liquor Control Commission


Prepares and submits request for annual appropriation for the operations of the Department of Liquor Control; adopts rules having the force and effect of law for the administration of liquor control in the County and to carry out the provisions of the liquor control laws of the State, including but not limited to, the fixing of liquor license fees; grants, renews, or refuses applications for licenses for the manufacture, importation, and sale of liquor in the County under applicable laws and regulations; and have such other powers and duties as may be provided by law not in conflict with the provisions of the Charter, County of Maui.

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  • Stanley Ruidas - Chair (Lanai) - 3/31/2025
  • Snehal Patel - Vice Chair (Lahaina) - 3/31/2026
  • Jerrybeth L.M. De Mello (Lahaina) - 3/31/2024
  • J. Aaron Boswell (Molokai) - 3/31/2025
  • Sylvia Ho (Kula) - 3/31/2026
  • William K. Richardson (Kihei) - 3/31/2027
  • Patrice M. Matsumoto (Kahului) - 3/31/2027
  • Dean K. Frampton (Pukalani) - 3/31/2028
  • Setsuko R. Gormley (Kahului) - 3/31/2028
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