Curbside Collection - The 3 Can Plan

About the Project

Curbside recycling is reinstated as of August 2015 for those South Maui residents who recently participated in the 3 Can Plan Curbside Recycling Pilot Project.

Participating residents received three carts:
  • One for rubbish, serviced every week
  • One green cart for green waste, serviced every other week
  • One blue cart for mixed recyclables, serviced every other week
Click on 3 Can Plan FAQ's for information about the reinstated 3 Can Plan and for details about fees and what can and cannot be recycled in the blue and green carts.

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Pick up Schedule for Participating Addresses

What is Accepted

What To Do With the Items Not Accepted

Check out the Online Recycling and Disposal Resource Guide to find out where to properly dispose of or recycle what is not accepted in your carts.

“Opalagies” Tags on the Carts

Opalagies Tags are a communication tool we use to help serve you better. If you receive a tag on your cart, please read the check-marked areas of the tag to determine what may prevent or has prevented your cart from being picked up. Some examples are: obstructions like cars parked too close or blocking the cart; an overfilled cart (lid does not close all the way); or contaminated materials in the cart, i.e. Not Accepted in that cart.
(See the cart label for details.)

Have More Questions About The 3 Can Plan?

Please call the Curbside Hotline at (808) 270-7880
Or send an Email
3 Can Plan FAQ