Disaster Preparedness


Disaster Preparedness is an individual and family responsibility. The two most important precautions you need to take are developing a Personal Preparation Plan and assembling an Emergency Survival Kit.


Additional preparedness information and brochures is available at:
Maui County Emergency Management Agency
Kalana Maui Building
200 South High St.
Wailuku, Maui
Ph: (808) 270-7285

Personal Preparation Plan

Emergencies and disasters can occur anytime. Some allow for preparation, while others occur without warning. Residents and visitors of Hawaii must be prepared for emergencies that could arise from natural or technological disasters.

Developing your Personal Preparation Plan and making provisions for your family's needs can make a big difference in your ability to cope with emergencies.

Emergency Survival Kit

Collect items in an Emergency Survival Kit for home use or take it to a shelter. Browse our list of guidelines for suggestions of what to include in your kit.