Lanai Community Plan Advisory Committee

MCC 2.80B requires the creation of Community Plan Advisory Committees (CPAC) for Maui, Molokai, and Lana`i. The Lana`i CPAC comprises of 13 members who were either appointed by the Mayor or appointed by the County Council through resolution pursuant to MCC 2.80B.040.

Role / Responsibilities
The role of the Lana`i CPAC is to provide comments, advice, and recommendations to the Planning Director on the Lana`i Community Plan update.

Agendas and Minutes
View available agendas and minutes for the Lanai Community Plan Advisory Committee meetings.

  • Jeofrey Baltero
  • Christine Costales
  • DeborahYooko de la Cruz
  • Joseph Felipe
  • Reynold (Butch) Gima
  • Ernest Magaoay
  • Matthew Mano
  • Ron McOmber
  • Stanley Ruidas
  • Alberta DeJetley
  • Charles Kaukeano
  • Jarrod Barfield
  • Caron Green

Contact Information
Supporting Department: Department of Planning
Phone: (808) 270-7214
Fax: (808) 270-7634
Secondary Contact, Office of the Mayor: (808) 270-7855