Solicitor's Permit


Any person desiring to act as the authorized solicitor or representative of a manufacturer or wholesale dealer in any county shall make application to the commission of such county in which the person proposes to act for a permit to act as such.

There are three kinds of solicitor’s permits:

  1. General
  2. Beer and Wine
  3. Alcohol

Checklist of documents to submit

  • DLC-018 Application for Solicitor’s Permit
  • Copy of liquor license issued by the commission of any county
  • Copy of current license application and report by investigator
  • Certification of all persons issued the liquor license, including but not limited to: individual licensee; officers, directors, stockholders owning 25% or more of the outstanding stock of the corporation; partners in the partnership; or managers, members, agents, organizers of a limited liability company.
  • DLC-006 Personal History Statement of Applicant
  • Copy of applicant’s driver’s license
  • Copy of applicant’s social security card
  • Payment (Check payable to Department of Liquor Control)

Additional documents, approvals, and other requirements may be required depending upon the circumstances of the application.

Call (808) 243-7030 for an appointment to submit an application.

Download a solicitor's permit checklist