Urban Design Review Board


The Urban Design Review Board meets the first and third Tuesday of each month and is responsible for:
  • Advising the appropriate Planning Commission on matters within the jurisdiction of the various Planning Commissions and carries out duties as delegated to it by the Planning Commissions.
  • Reviewing and advising the Planning Department on design related matters involving projects within the County.

Agendas and Minutes

View available agendas, meeting materials and minutes for the Urban Design Review Board meetings.


  • Caryl Hitchcock-Sprinzel - Chair (Molokai) 03/31/2023
  • Peter Niess - Vice-Chair (Haiku) 03/31/2024
  • Darren Okimoto (Wailuku) 03/31/2023
  • Mandy Saito (Kahului) 03/31/2024
  • Joshua Circle-Woodburn (Wailuku) 03/31/2025
  • Marie Kimmey (Kihei) 03/31/2025
  • Vacant
  • Vacant 
  • Vacant


  • Paul Areus (Haiku) 03/31/2025
  • Morgan Gerdel (Wailuku) 03/31/2025
  • Vacant
  • Vacant

Additional Information

Contact Information

Supporting Department: Department of Planning
Phone: (808) 270-7735
Fax: (808) 270-7634
Secondary Contact, Office of the Mayor: (808) 270-7855