Plan Implementation Division


The Plan Implementation Division was created in late 2014 to have a dedicated focus on the implementation of our General Plan, which includes the Countywide Policy Plan, the Maui Island Plan, our regional community plans and other long-range plans. These plans contain goals, objectives, policies and implementing actions that require implementation once they are adopted.

The Plan Implementation Division coordinates with other County departments, State and Federal agencies to monitor their progress towards the implementation of the General Plan. It develops implementation benchmarks and quality of life indicators to monitor progress towards the attainment of County goals and objectives.


The Plan Implementation Division performs the following functions:

  • Prepares monitoring reports that track established quality of life indicators
  • Reviews County Capital Improvement (CIP) projects for consistency with the General Plan
  • Tracks other agencies’ progress with General Plan implementation.
  • Directs, coordinates and prepares revisions to county zoning ordinances and regulations
  • Provides GIS support for plan implementation projects
  • Drafts, reviews, and tracks state land use legislation and regulations
  • Prepares special planning studies
  • Assists other Divisions within the Department of Planning in understanding and interpreting the General Plan