Workforce Development Board


The local Maui Workforce Development Board (WDB):
  • is responsible for the development of a comprehensive 4-year local plan to support the Unified State Plan developed by the State of Hawaii’s Workforce Development Council 
  • carries out analyses of the economic conditions in Maui County 
  • leads efforts to engage with a diverse range of employers and other entities within the region works with secondary and postsecondary education programs to develop and implement career pathways 
  • identifies and promotes proven and promising strategies and initiatives for meeting the needs of employers, workers, and job seekers in the local workforce development system 
  • provides oversight of programs under the Workforce Innovations and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a broad-based private sector driven organization provides oversight of WIOA programs 
  • establishes policies that will enable WIOA programs to serve participant needs 
  • is comprised of both private and public sector members appointed by the Mayor 
  • consists of members of which at least 51% must be from the private sector 
  • includes a Board Chair and Vice Chair who must also be from the private sector 
  • meets at least quarterly 
On the State level, the Executive Director of the WDB represents the Mayor on the Workforce Development Council (WDC), the statewide workforce development entity.

Agendas and Minutes

View available agendas and minutes for the Workforce Development Board.

WIOA Local Plan - Maui County

The Workforce Development Board of Maui County in coordination with the Office of Economic Development, as part of its continuing effort to inform the public, refer to the link below to view the plan.
  • Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act - Local Plan
  • Members

  • Leslie Wilkins - Chair
  • Christina Schenk
  • Deanna Garcia
  • Debbie Cabebe
  • Grant Wilson
  • Harrilynn Kameenui
  • Kevin Kimizuka
  • Kurt Ginoza
  • Kwanza Woodson
  • Kyoko Kimura
  • Michelle Bruce
  • Ray Shimabuku
  • Robert (Bob) Johnston
  • Shirley Rawlins
  • Stephen West
  • T. Karen Hanada
  • William (Bill) Kamai
  • Kay Fukumoto

  • Contact Information

    Supporting Department: Office of the Mayor
    Phone: (808) 270-7855