Maui Island Plan Amendment

A Maui Island Plan Amendment may be obtained to revise plain text or amend Growth Boundaries:

  • Urban
  • Planned Growth Area

  • Small Town
  • Outside Growth Boundaries

  • Rural

  • Protected Areas may also be revised or amended:

  • Preservation
  • Greenway

  • Park
  • Sensitive Land

  • Greenbelt
  • Outside Protected Areas

  • How to Apply

    Complete the ‘Community Plan Amendment/Maui Island Plan Amendment packet’ and submit it to the Department of Planning. Per Maui County Code Chapter 2.80B, Maui Island Plan amendments may be proposed in July only.  A fully processed Zoning & Flood Confirmation Form must be attached to the application.  Begin the MIPA application process by filling in the project identification portion of the form and submitting it to the Zoning Administration and Enforcement Division at One Main Plaza Suite 335.  The zoning and flood designations are confirmed and then returned to the applicant for inclusion in the MIPA packet.  

    Approving Agencies

    A Maui Island Plan Amendment is processed through the appropriate Planning Commission and adopted through ordinance by the Maui County Council and Mayor.

    Duration of Approval

    Maui Island Plan Amendments are valid until amended again, and/or via decennial revision.


    Non-refundable filing fee (see Fee Schedule, Table A) payable to "County of Maui, Director of Finance"


    Contact Information

    Department of Planning
    Current Planning Division
    2200 Main Street, Suite 619
    Wailuku, HI 96793
    Ph: (808) 270-8205