• Automatic Bill Payment  When signing up for Automatic Bill Payment service for your water and sewer bill, please fill out this form. Submit the completed form with a voided check or deposit slip to DWS Customer Service for processing.


  • Engineering Inquiry Form This form used is to request general information only. If you are inquiring about a specific property and you are not the property owner, a Letter of Authorization from the owner is required. If you have a question related to your building permits application, subdivision application, or water service request that has already been submitted for review, please refer to your requirements letter and contact the assigned DWS staff noted in the last paragraph of the letter. If you are requesting a copy of a government record, please visit the UIPA public portal.
  • Letter of Authorization This form is to authorize a person other than the property owner related to inquiries and building permits.
  • Water Meter Sizing Worksheet for Residential This worksheet is used to determine the size of water meter for residential projects. Certain building permit applicants are required to fill one out to ensure that their project will not exceed their meter capacity. Property owners should complete the form and return it to the Engineering Division.
  • Water Meter Sizing Worksheet for Non-Residential This worksheet is used to determine the size of water meter for non-residential projects. This includes but is not limited to commercial tenant space improvements, where the proposed work involves installation, removal, and/or replacement of water fixture(s) served by the Department of Water Supply. Only an engineer or architect licensed in the State of Hawaii may complete this worksheet. The original completed, signed, and stamped worksheet is required.
  • Flow to Fixture Unit Conversions This form provides the Departments flow (in GPM) to fixture unit value conversions used in various calculations to determine adequate meter size. The values included on this form are referenced on the Water Meter Sizing Worksheets for Residential and Non-Residential Use.
  • Temporary Meter Application This form is used to apply for temporary water service. The temporary water meters are primarily utilized to provide construction projects with water service on a one year basis. An approved reduced pressure backflow preventer is required to be installed and pass testing prior to using the temporary water service. Please return the completed form to the Engineering Division along with the applicable fees, consumption schedule, certificate of insurance and location map.
  • Reservation of Available Service Capacity This form is used to reserve a water meter. The purpose of this application is to allow the applicant to reserve rights to service capacity. Please return the completed form to the Engineering Division.
  • Cost List with Affidavit This worksheet is intended for developers/owners when water system improvements are to be dedicated to the County of Maui. After the water system improvements have been constructed and have passed final inspection, the developer/owner shall submit a Cost List with the notarized Affidavit to the Engineering Division for review.
  • How to read your water meter, check for leaks and determine GPM for irrigation flow This informational sheet describes how to read your water meter using a 5/8-inch meter as an example, how to check for leaks using your meter and how to determine the gallons per minutes (GPM) for irrigation flow.