Maui Island Water Use & Development Plan

The Maui Island Water Use and Development Plan (WUDP) provides a plan for the protection, management and use of water resources on Maui by all water users over a 20 year period. Initially the Department of Water Supply proposed to prepare a WUDP for each County water system on Maui and prepared a draft plan for the Central system.  However, the State Commission on Water Resource Management advised the County to prepare one plan for Maui Island as a whole, addressing all water systems – not just the County’s water systems. Much analysis and public input has already occurred and will be integrated into the plan which allocates water to projected growth and land use in the Maui Island Plan. The draft WUDP will be available for review in 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions - WUDP

Draft Documents

Water Use and Development Plan - Preliminary Information
The results of a survey designed to gauge public acceptance of and feedback on generalized policies or measures that could be integrated into the Water Use and Development Plan to address water issues on Maui is provided below.

Recent Presentations

Public Workshops, Round 3 - Solutions to Regional Key Issues


Public Workshops, Round 2 - Strategies


Public Meetings, Round 1 - Issues 

Background Information 

The following documents among others were prepared to support a Department of Water Supply water district-based plan. These documents will provide useful information to support the Maui Island WUDP. 

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