Engineering Division

COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

The Engineering Division is not accepting any walk-in appointments at this time.  Please mail documents to us at:

Department of Water Supply
200 South High Street, 5th Floor
Wailuku, Hawaii  96793
 Phone:  (808) 270-7835


  • Reviews and approves building permit applications, preliminary subdivision applications, and requests for water service for conformity with departmental standards 
  • Reviews and approves development plans for conformity with departmental standards
  • Oversees Capital Improvement Program and administers planning, design, and construction contracts
  • Prepares and administers agreements with public agencies and private developers
  • Prepares design documents for construction bidding and in-house construction work
  • Conducts studies, tests, and investigations

Water System Standards

DWS 2002 Water System Standards governs the design and construction of water system facilities under the jurisdiction of the Department of Water Supply.  Amendments to the 2002 Water System Standards are for Maui County only.

Upcountry Priority List

The Upcountry Priority List is updated each year by removing properties offered water service in the prior year from the list.  The current list dated January 1, 2021 and is available for viewing in two formats - by priority number and by tax map key.
The Upcountry Water System includes the areas of Kula, Makawao, Pukalani, Haliimaile, Maunaolu College area, and Haiku. A property within the Upcountry Water System is subject to Chapter 14.13 – Water Meter Issuance Provisions for the Upcountry Water System, Maui County Code.  Requests for water service from the Upcountry Water System is reviewed and offered based on a property’s position on the Upcountry Priority List.
  • Effective January 1, 2013, these rules do not allow the department to accept any new applications for water service to be placed on the Upcountry Priority List.
  • These rules also require the department to process applications for water service in the order of the priority list.

For this calendar year, the department anticipates it will review and offer up to the first 80 properties on the priority list. Property owners will be notified by certified letter with information, such as water system improvements and any applicable fees, that will be required for approval of water service.

Additional Fixture Units (Single-Family Dwelling)

The purchase of additional fixture units are limited to single-family dwellings and single-family accessory dwellings. A building permit application is required to initiate our review of a request to purchase additional fixture units.  Approval to purchase additional fixture units depends on the adequacy of the department's water system and whether it is established in the County’s annual budget at the time of permit approval. Meter size shall also be 1" or smaller. A Water Meter Sizing Worksheet is required to be submitted with the building permit application.

Request for Water Service

A request for water service is a request for a new water meter, water meter upgrade, additional water meter or water meter relocation.  Requests may only be submitted by a property owner and proof of ownership may be required. A building permit application may be required for an additional water meter (beyond 1st water meter). To submit a request, please submit a completed Request for Water Service form.