Engineering Division


The Engineering Division:
  • Reviews all development plans for conformity with departmental standards
  • Prepares plans and specifications for water supply projects
  • Coordinates and prepares plans and specifications for projects to be advertised for competitive bidding
  • Administers DWS Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) and coordinates consultant contracts
  • Prepares and administers agreements with public agencies and private developers
  • Prepares plans and specifications for in-house projects
  • Conducts studies, tests, and investigations on water resources
This division develops and maintains water supply standards and conduct studies for feasibility of pipeline alignment and sites for reservoirs, pump stations, and other facilities.

They provide engineering services and field survey support to all divisions and is in charge of inspecting the construction of all water system facilities for adherence to departmental standards and policies. For additional information or a copy of the water system standards please call (808) 270-7835.

Upcountry Priority List

Updated Upcountry water meter priority list available: The Upcountry water service combined listing of building permit applications, subdivisions, and water service requests are available for public viewing in two formats - by priority number and by tax map key. The lists, dated January 3, 2019, are subject to change and include applications received as of December 31, 2012. To view the current lists, visit the links below: